26 Spartans Ecuador bound!

Follow us as we spend eight days exploring one of South America’s gems — Ecuador. Our journey will take us from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis to Atlanta to Quito to Otavalo to Baños and then back home. We will visit a myriad of destinations in Ecuador, see waterfalls, explore colonial Quito, take a salsa dancing class, stand in the southern and northern hemispheres at the same time, take a train ride through the Route of the Volcanoes, hike around Laguna Cuicocha (Lake of the Guinea Pigs), shop at Latin America’s most famous market, visit a senior citizen center to volunteer and much more. We’ll be immersed in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture as we see new places, meet knew people and sample new food 

Our hope is to update the blog each night with pictures and a recap of the day’s happenings. Our WiFi access, however, might prohibit us from uploading daily, but we’ll do our best.

The highlight of the trip? We’ll let you read about our adventures and decide. Or click below to see what two of our students are most excited about while we are in Ecuador.

Video 1 – Teo

Vídeo 2 — Josefina

Perhaps the numbers listed below more succinctly highlight our odyssey:

22 … Homestead students traveling to Ecuador

4 … Homestead Spanish teachers traveling to Ecuador

9 … Days we’ll be gone

2 … Flights to arrive in Ecuador … Indianapolis to Atlanta; Atlanta to Quito

9,350 feet … Elevation of Quito

3,055 miles … Distance to fly from Fort Wayne to Atlanta to Quito

5 … Hours to fly from Atlanta to Quito

26 Spartans and 9 days of travel — let the adventure begin!

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